Corporate Identity & Brand Storytelling

Reintroducing 25 Years of Goodwill & Envisioning 25 Years More.

Let us reintroduce a local pioneer in public communications, leaping from success to success for over two decades. We took tremendous care with APRW’s (formerly Asia PR Werkz) silver jubilee brand relaunch—to capture the experience of 25 years, imbued with youthful vigour to take the firm beyond another 25 more.
Becoming APRW from Asia PR Werkz: What began as a union of two public relations firms in the mid 1990s grew into an integrated communications agency at the forefront of the social wave.
“We came together to take stock and reflect on our identity and accelerate towards becoming the agency of choice.”

– Ginny-Ann Oh
Director, APRW

Constructing the Reimagined APRW Logo

We put obsessive attention to every edge, curve, space and positioning in constructing this logo. It wasn’t just design detail–we made sure each element had a purpose, and every addition and omission done with a keen sense of story. This was a logo for a communications firm, and communicate it must.

White space mirroring the speech bubble edges to symbolise infinite conversations in the forefront and the background; balanced proportions to represent equal importance in every message; and parallel lines to show unity across the team. We left no detail untouched.

Customised Brand Iconography

Consistency across visuals keeps maintains the identity’s strength and integrity. Like the logo, we designed customised iconography to represent each pillar of APRW’s expertise.

From art style to colour psychology, we applied critical design thinking in developing symbols that keep the message clear whilst spurring visual intrigue.

Corporate Communications

An eye depicting the strategic points of view and the multitude of eyeball attention that APRW helps command for a corporation.

Digital Communications

The two opposing arrows represent 2-way communication in the social space. They come together to form a lightning ‘boost’ symbol, representing APRW’s value-add to online communications at lightning speed.

Marketing Communications

Three circles symbolise the omni-channel marketing communications approach, arranged in a triangle to symbolise interdependence and multiple angles of communications.

Media Relations

Concentric rings invite interpretation: it is a target for focussed communications, resonating broadcast rings symbolising wide media reach, or various spheres of influence that the power of media brings.

Public Affairs

An alignment of people, government, and media, presenting a common, unified and clear front in communications that impact and shape society.

Crisis Communications

The grey brick never falls flat, supported by strong crisis communications hued in APRW’s palette, preventing any major fall come what may.

With its new identity, we are proud to help APRW take
the next leap forward for the next 25 years and beyond.