Thinking Brands

Every business starts with an idea. An idea that forms your products, services, and culture. It is potential unlimited. We help you harness this power in a brand for good. All by design.

Business Value

by Thinking Design First

Express the value of your products and services in a distinct brand. We show you how to convey confidence, quality and excitement in a name, and boost the value of all you do.

Team Culture

with Brand Thinking

Your brand is your compass – let it point you right before every decision. With it, foster a team culture of common purpose, drive, and kinship.

Client Loyalty

by Putting Brand Forward

Put your brand forward and always, making it distinct for customers to remember, and recommend. We will help you build cause to rally your customers into fans.

Leads Quickly

with Brand-forward Design

Let your brand need no introduction. We help design confident visual messages for your brand that gets you from hello to yes, with the clients you love.

Who Makes Evye

Ideals. Personality. And a whole lot of drive to bring  Thinking Brands forward.

Michael Ryan Chan

Managing Partner, Brand Strategy

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Silas Loo

Partner, Creative Direction

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Stephanie Lum

Associate Manager, Business Growth

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Isabella Boladian

Associate, Brand Strategy

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Roxann Kong

Junior Associate, Brand Strategy

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Elaine Chng

Art Director

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