We’re Building Something Great for Brands and Brand-makers

Like our new site? This is where we will share our ideas for developing brand and design thinking in Singapore and the world. It’s our mission to help businesses see the value of branding, and internalise that in their culture, business planning, and products. Of course, our proudest works as a brand consultancy will be here too. I know, it’s a little bare now, but that’s because we’re not ready to reveal everything yet.

But it’s all coming soon! Here are 3 things we commit ourselves to bringing to this site:

Firstly, A Library of Brand Thinking Ideas

You want to build up a strong brand, but don’t know how. Get inspiration here! We want to build up a collection of thoughts, case studies, experiences and ideas on branding. And share them share them here all for free. We hope that everyone—whether you’re a client, competitor (read: potential collaborator), or just a curious browser—can learn a thing or two from us. And hopefully, we can learn from you too!

With more knowledge on branding going around, we hope the wider community will better appreciate the work that ‘design’ people like us do. Ultimately, it helps us as a branding firm do better work, AND it helps businesses take full advantage of the power of branding.

Secondly, We Share What We Can Do for You

Portfolio! Showcase! Case Studies! Whatever you call it, we’re proud of the work we’ve done for clients past, and want you to see how we did it. There’s so much that goes on behind the scenes that no one really gets to see. But oftentimes it’s all that thinking, rethinking and rethinking again that makes the end result so satisfying. So, we want to show you the standard of work we put into “a simple logo design”. Or a “basic website”. There’s so much more than meets the eye.

Thirdly, A Space for Our Team’s Expression

The thing about doing brand work for clients that bring results is that we put the client’s interest first. As professionals, we use design to solve real problems for our clients. Not express artistry just because we like it. What often happens is that personal vision and ideas get shelved in favour of delivering what meets our client’s needs best.

That’s not fun, right? So, for the benefit of everyone at Evye, we’re going to showcase these personal passions and ideas right up there with the paid work we do for clients. We believe the discards of any project is a reservoir of next ideas.

Most of all, we want Evye to be a place for creative expression, whether for work, fun or just experimentation. Because how can we be on the bleeding-edge if we don’t dare make the first cut?

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