Allseas Marine Services

Commanding Investor
Confidence with Brand Power

We crafted an identity to symbolise the business’ reputation as a reliable one-stop marine services provider, rally its staff, and build investor confidence. Beyond that, our work gave the company’s leadership confidence to market at international trade shows, attracting quality investors and partners never before possible.

When A Rebrand
Opens New Opportunities

On consult, we discovered that despite a tremendous growth record in less than half a decade, Allseas struggled to even get the attention of bona fide customers and partners. With such a strong culture-image disconnect, the project became a strategic mission to get this company noticed.

The business desperately needed a credible front to do justice to their great work. This meant creating an identity that symbolised the business values so well, it instilled pride in its people. Not just logos or design, we created confidence, trust and excitement for its leadership to take the business further than ever before.

The “Angular Bow” Supergraphic is the visual anchor of the company’s values. The upward momentum embodies the company’s efficiency in servicing its clients, while its sharp edges symbolise its exceptional standards of service.

A Brand Embodied
by its People

It’s easy to apply the brand outwardly, but what about internally? Every staff of Allseas Marine were given brand training and familiarisation of the brand. Beyond just applying a new look to their safety equipment and marketing materials,

the staff were given opportunities to express and contribute towards the values of the brand. This gave every personnel a sense of ownership and pride in its identity. The people, its characteristics and the company itself are now an intrinsic part of the identity.

Allseas Marine featured in numerous international trade shows, attracting customers and investors worldwide. The company was eventually acquired for a high, undisclosed sum by AMOS international. The rebrand exercise had unlocked hidden value in the company, which enabled its original owners to comfortably retire in 2018.