Branding Complex Ideas
and Fintech Innovations

A suite of cutting-edge fintech solutions needs a sharp visual identity. Versatile. Modular. Empowering. Reliable. We embody and connect these traits through common design threads across its parent brand StraitsBridge, Finbots itself, and their family of solutions.


A Strong, Versatile Symbol

The Square Byte symbol represents a data ‘bit’ or ‘byte’, reflecting the advanced AI expertise of Finbots.AI. It reflects how their solutions are each built from the byte up as a structured framework for innovation within any financial organisation.

The Square Byte also embodies the versatility of the brand. These are solutions that plugs right in and gets straight to work. The square’s perfectly balanced sides symbolises strength, reliability and empowerment of these technologies.

Delivering a

Finbots.AI is the fintech business arm of parent company StraitsBridge. The challenge was to present two very different brands as part of the same family.

Where Finbots.AI was designed to deliver technological solutions, our reimagined brand identity was designed to deliver a visual solution to this problem.

Innovations From the Same Byte

Finbots.AI delivers a suite of different solutions solving different problems in finance. How do we present them as distinct advanced AI solutions, but yet all part of the same family?

Our Square Byte icon and custom logotypes delivers a common visual DNA. To lend each their distinct differences, we preserved individual icons to make each product unique.